About us


All the charm of cars of yesteryear. Contemporary cars for sale subject to the most competitive conditions. The technologies of the future at the service of business.

Silvauto has been weaving together past, present and future for more than 20 years, to create a unique, one-of-a-kind business.


Purchasing a car is an important moment in all our lives.
On the one hand, it represents the culmination of many sacrifices, the achievement of a dream, or a means of self-expression and realization; on the other, it is a major investment in our future and a significant financial commitment, which should not be approached lightly or without due consideration.
As such, it is helpful to have access to the best advice from professionals with proven experience and an in-depth knowledge of the car market, who can present us with a range of solutions and purchasing opportunities, and guide us in choosing the model best suited to our needs, desires and budgets. It is useful to engage with consultants who are on hand to support us through the administrative and financial side of the purchase process, to ensure we benefit from all available incentives, tax deductions and financing. It is important to deal with a trustworthy team that we can continue to turn to after the sale is complete, whose products are guaranteed over time and whose workshop of highly specialised staff are always at our service.
These are Silvauto’s defining features, and its mission.


Silvauto’s history can be traced back to the huge passion of its two founders – Dario Belloli and Silvano Calissi – for cars, and vintage cars in particular. Having gotten to know each other historical car events, they began to explore the idea of translating their passion into a business venture. And so it was that Silvauto was founded in 2002 in Grumello del Monte (BG), originally as a simple mechanical workshop, but with the idea and aspiration of becoming an authoritative player in the car market.

Today, Silvauto SpA is a prominent and thriving business in the car buying and selling market, dealing in both new and used cars, and the leading player in Italy in the Vintage and Collector Car segment, the jewel in Silvauto’s crown.

Silvauto registered as a joint-stock company in June 2017, and in recent years has seen its share capital grow from the initial figure of €15,000 to the current €10 million (fully paid-up).

A modern and dynamic multi-brand dealership that combines competitive pricing with quality service before, during and after the point of sale, facilitated by access to its highly specialised workshop. Silvauto’s range spans new unregistered cars – featuring all leading brands, sometimes offering even more competitive conditions than those available from direct dealers – to company cars, those between 6 and 12 months old and 0km vehicles, as well as a vast selection of used cars of all kinds.


In addition to traditional sales, Silvauto has also become the leading Italian operator in the Vintage Car world, with a vast selection of prestigious models targeted at enthusiasts and collectors. We offer a veritable journey through various periods of history (from the pre-war to the post-war period, through to the youngtimer era) and at various price points (from a few thousand euro through to seven-figure sums).


Over 20 years of experience in the market means we also have the skills to establish robust and lasting relationships with suppliers, an indicator of the credibility earned in the field through our performance, reliability and prompt payments. Today, Silvauto is granted the same conditions by Car Manufacturers as importers and official dealerships, thanks to the significant volumes of vehicles it purchases.

Silvauto is a self-financed company, with an excellent finance and equity structure, positive balance sheet ratios, and an optimal rating coefficient in the automotive industry.

Our story has been one of constant – often two-digit – growth, year on year, right from the very beginning.