These are the people who enable us to offer our customers an exceptional service, ensuring that they feel they are in the best hands at all times.

The two original founders are now surrounded by a young, dynamic team: a close-knit group of enthusiastic individuals who have grown up with the new technologies and who are therefore naturally well-positioned to make the most of them. Many members of the team trained at the company, thus assimilating and embracing the Silvauto values: skill, a willingness to help, a spirit of sacrifice, and motivation.

The individuals in our team are skilful, committed and driven by passion, and share a deep love of the automotive world.   Each member of our staff brings unique experience to the table, as well as extensive industry knowledge, reflected in the care and attention we devote to every aspect of our work.

Dario Belloli
Managing Director
Silvano Calissi
Chair of the BoD and Technical Manager
Alessandro Mietta
General Director
Tancredi Scarpellini
Legal Department and Head of Human Resources
Federico Rivellini
Sales Manager and Point of Contact for Historical and Collector Cars
Livio Belometti
Sales Consultant
Alex Marcolli
Sales Consultant
Lucrezia Pederzini
Alessia Plebani
Back Office
Daniela Pezzoli
Back Office
Ivan Frattini
Auto repair technician - body department
Denis Vismara
Logistics and auto preparation
Pape Bibi Fall
Auto preparation